Free Salvation Pocket Cards

Why are they called Salvation Pocket Cards?  You can use them in many ways.  At a restaurant, ask your server if they have heard about the Free Gift of God.  Please be sensitive and don’t do it if they’re running trying to keep up with their tables.  If they are, you can hand it to them when you pay the bill and say, “You are obviously busy, but if you haven’t heard about The Free Gift of God, hang on to this and consider His offer.  If you have received it, pass His offer to someone that you care about.”

The Free Gift of God Today  --  front

They’re called Salvation Pocket Cards because ideally they can be used to lead someone through the Romans Road to salvation.  That takes a little more time than handing them out on the street.  They’re printed as tent business cards so that you can keep them in your wallet or purse at all times.  Pray for divine appointments.  The Lord is always working.  Pray to be where He is working.  It is exciting to say, “Lord, who do you want me to share your Word with today?”  The angels rejoice when a sinner comes to repentance.  Luke 15:10  You can experience the joy of being used by the Lord to reach the lost.

Praise the Lord, if you want to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the unsaved.  It is because of His love flowing through you that you care about people not spending an eternity in separation from God.  Is it too strong to use the word that Jesus used?  He spoke more of that eternal place than heaven!

There are many ways to share the Gospel.  A man was at work one day and someone asked him this question without waiting for an answer:  “Do you know Jesus?”  He said to himself, “Why would he ask me that?”  He told his wife about it.  She said, “What were you doing?”  He emphatically said, “Nothing.”  He now knows and is known by Jesus.  That simple question ultimately led to changing his eternity.

The first step in using the Salvation Pocket Cards is to pray that the Lord will give you opportunities to share His Word with the unsaved.  He is always working and you will be blessed when you witness the miracle of someone accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

At a Starbucks, two young women sat directly behind me.  I turned on my chair, smiled and said, “Hi.  Have you ladies ever heard about The Free Gift of God?”  The one sitting closest to me said, “No.  What is it? Tell me about it.”  I said, “It is better if God tells you about it.  This is His Word.  Read it out loud.  What does it say to you?”

I carry a Bible in my pocket.  These Scriptures are highlighted.  You can now carry many of these Salvation Pocket Cards.  Think back about all the opportunities that you have to share The Free Gift of God as you go about with your day.  If someone doesn’t have the time, offer it to them for a later day.  After someone receives The Free Gift of God, tell them to order the Welcome Packet for New Believers.  (Check out the Welcome Packet page.)

The Free Gift of God Today  --  inside

Now… back to Starbucks.  This young woman at first said, “I don’t understand it.  You explain it to me. “  Using an encouraging tone I responded, “It’s okay.  Read it again.”  It took a few times but then the miracle happened.  The Holy Spirit opened the Scriptures to her.  She received the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior.

The Free Gift of God Today  --  back


After they get saved, so that I don’t take the credit and they don’t take the credit, I have them read the Scriptures on the back of the card.  It says that He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world.

As I was walking to Starbucks, I looked up to heaven and said, "Lord here I go.  If there is someone there that you want me to share your Word with, please help them receive You."  I told this young woman about my prayer after she read Ephesians 1: 3 -- 4.  God chose her before the foundation of the world.


You can request Free Salvation Pocket Cards that you can use to share the gospel and help lead someone to our Lord Jesus Christ through the Romans Road.  We will be working with churches throughout the US and Canada to distribute as many cards as needed.  The cards are available without charge but donations are welcomed. 

If every Born Again Christian in the US and Canada shared The Free Gift of God with only three people, it would require millions of cards.  Only our Lord God, Creator of the Universe, can provide the resources for us to distribute His Word.  Request your Free Salvation Pocket Cards now and pray that many will receive The Free Gift of God Today.

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